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Run Tingz / Born Inna Babylon ft. YT

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Immerse yourselves in the original Babylonian experience, inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian city known as "The Gateway to the Gods".

Contrary to the Biblical image and usage of the name, Babylon was the birthplace of modern civilisation and the wild city celebrated all that life has to offer, including indulgence in misunderstood activities such as Sin and Excess!!!

The Hanging Gardens of Waveform is therefore a parody of our modern civilisation:
Q) How come we are culturally evolving while we are ethically decaying?

Q) Will we manage to do so enough, and in time, to break on through to the other side?

What are you going to do to help make this happen?

Babylon brought us many great advances, including:
* astrology and the archetypes of the Zodiac

* measuring time using 7 day weeks, 24 hour days, 60 minute hours and 60 second minutes but still following a lunar cycle to be in harmony with nature and the cosmos (surely sounds better than having a calendar where the solar cycle calculations don't add up over the year, throwing us out of sync with the Universe

Babylon also brought us the mass brewing of beer...hooray and hic!!!
Befittingly, we offer you a decadent utopian mix of raucous live music; the best underground club and festival DJs; innovative interactive performances; sumptuous installation art; fun, creative cabaret and meaningful cultural adventures...
Hey Party People...wanna come play???

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